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Showing Your Home During the Holidays

Allowing real estate agents to show your home during the holidays can be stressful and tricky. Everyone is busy. Shopping and cooking. Family, business, and friend parties. Church activities. Whew!

The mess! Wrapping paper. Cooking of traditional family meals. And let’s not forget the traditional Christmas treats we share with family and friends. A continual messy kitchen.

There are many thoughts about showing your home during the holidays.

Some Brokers/Agents suggest that you take your home off of the market for the season. And that’s a valid point. You can withdraw from the market and preserve your sanity and stress level. But you also can lose an opportunity to sell your home.

Another thought about actively marketing your property during the holidays is everything above but with a different spin. Your home is decked out and full of holiday cheer. Christmas music playing, beautiful china and linens set on the dining table, the Christmas tree lit and colorful, decorations galore, family heirlooms displayed, and of course the wonderful smell of Christmas cookies, pies, and treats.

Admittedly it can be stressful, but showing your home can be a little stressful any time. When someone walks through your home during the season, they can imagine themselves in your home with their Christmas decorations, cooking their Christmas favorites, and enjoying the holidays with their family. Something to consider.

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