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Tiny Houses in the Roanoke Valley

Yes, there are tiny houses in the Roanoke Valley. Heaton Real Estate, Inc has a tiny house for sale in Halifax County. But why, you wonder, live in a tiny house? A tiny house usually has 250 to 500 square feet, consisting of living areas including a kitchen, a living area, and a bedroom. Some tiny homes have several rooms, and some are open like a studio. But they are tiny. To someone that does not live in New York City and expects more space, you may wonder why live in a tiny house?


Saving money is one of the reasons to buy a tiny house. As a tiny homeowner, there are many ways to save money. First you save on the price of the tiny homes. Many are less than $50,000, but allow you to move away from renting. You save money on taxes, insurance, energy (heating and cooling), home maintenance, and shopping. It's unnecessary to shop for unneeded items when you are limited in storage. 

That also leads to a higher quality of life. There is less involvement in acquiring and keeping "stuff". You must make decisions on what to get rid of and what to keep. You declutter your life before you move into a tiny house. Less time is spent cleaning and maintaining a home. Because there is less space, there are less things to clean around. And less space to clean. There is more time to spend on other activities; traveling, sports, recreational or outdoor fun.

Of course you are being"green". Tiny homes use less energy, have less of a carbon footprint, produce less waste, and consume less resources. All of these add up to being environmentally friendly.

Check our tiny home for sale at www.heatonrealestate.com and look for the address 545 Manly Drive, Halifax NC.

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