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Lake Gaston borders three North Carolina counties and two Virginia counties. Lake Gaston covers 20,000 acres, is 34 miles long, and has over 350 miles of shoreline. When looking for property on Lake Gaston, that is a lot of area to cover! Heaton Real Estate has several ways to look for property; including ground, water, and air.

Heaton Real Estate suggests that you look at Lake Gaston neighborhoods from the air. Looking for property on Lake Gaston by air gives you a better view, and a more focused idea of what amenities you desire. The vastness of Lake Gaston is hard to appreciate from your vehicle, and also by boat. But a view from the air gives a property buyer a chance to really see Lake Gaston.

One way of accomplishing this is by seaplane, and a local company is Sand Dollar Seaplanes, owned and operated by Steve Harris. Steve is an accomplished pilot, and a resident of Lake Gaston. After your tour, Heaton Real Estate can show you property in areas you viewed from the air on Lake Gaston.

For more information, check their website http://www.sandollarseaplanes.com or their Facebook page Sand Dollar Seaplanes and talk to Steve about an aerial tour of Lake Gaston. Tell him Ellen Heaton from Heaton Real Estate sent you!

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