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These are tips to help you convince buyers to consider your property and receive top dollar for your property.

Curb Appeal

Look at your home as a buyer would. Landscaping, paint, roof, shutters, front door, and windows are important. What do your window treatments look like from the outside? A stand out for buyers includes plants, a bench, a manicured lawn, and visible house numbers. Add a new doormat. Stow garden tools, and children’s toys. When a buyer makes an appointment to see your home, it should beckon the buyer to want to see the inside of your home.

Market Conditions

Are homes selling quickly in your area? Are prices rising or falling? Our agents can share current information on whether it is a buyers or sellers’ market and price your home accordingly. Considering your market and the local trend, Heaton Real Estate can guide you to choose a listing price to sell your home. Considering the time of year to market your property is important. It is also crucial to step back and look at your home as a shopper. How much would a ready, willing, and able buyer be willing to pay for your home? Buyers do not consider how much you paid for your home, how much you need to net from your home to move on to another home, or how much you have invested. Think as a buyer and consider when pricing your home. Does your home need a new roof, heating and air, plumbing, electrical or other major investments? You should price your home accordingly.

Setting the Stage

Clean and organize. Start with countertops. De-clutter countertops and furniture. When buyers view a busy room, they tend to focus on your personal items, and not your home. Buyers also open cabinets and closets. Remove anything you have not used or worn recently. Closets should be half full so buyers can easily imagine fitting their belongings there. Clean windows. Check for smells including the refrigerator, and the bathrooms. Cleaning these areas easily adds a comfort zone for buyers. Make beds, wash the walls, and if you have pets; remove pet odor. The last impression you want to send buyers is the smell of kitty litter or a doggie bed.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

These are the rooms we live in most often. Make sure they are clean and clutter free. If the rooms are dated, inexpensive updates in these rooms include new handle pulls, sinks, and faucets. Add fresh towels, candles, and flowers. Small changes can be a wow factor. Again remove clutter so your home shines through.

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