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Plan Ahead

Get approved for a mortgage. Know your budget. Look in your price range. Investigate the costs of home ownership. Taxes, insurance, closing costs, inspections, appraisals, surveys, and other costs are part of buying your home. Be informed. The team at Heaton Real Estate can inform you of each step of the home buying process.


The perfect home does not exist except in a perfect world. What are the features you cannot live without, and what amenities are you willing to concede? If the kitchen does not have the features you want, but the floor plan fits your needs, then maybe this is your dream home. If the back yard is a bit too small, but structurally the home fits your needs, then this property may work. Make a list of your top priorities. Focus on these and let the minor things go.


Remember to assess the neighborhood. Don’t get buyer’s fever and forget to investigate the neighborhood. Close to highways or industrial noise? Are certain school districts important? Is the drive time to work a factor? Is the home close to amenities that are important to you and your family? Is the resale value important if you have to sell quickly if transferred in your job?


Negotiate from facts, not emotions. When you are negotiating, remember this should be based on facts; inspections, the market, price point, and terms. Not how much you love the property. Don’t panic, or cave in. Listen to your agent for objective support.

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