NC 11276
Northampton County, NC
Telephone: 252-534-2501
Fax: 252-534-1166
Website: http://www.northamptonnc.com/
Address: 9467 NC Hwy 305, Jackson, NC 27845

Long ago, nature painted this land with a broad brush, and blessed it with abundant natural resources. For centuries thereafter, Native Americans lived and journeyed here, sustained by the bounty of the fields forests and rivers.

North Carolina General Statute 153A-82 Designates the Manager as Chief Administrator of County Government, responsible to the Board of County Commissioners for directing and supervising the administration of all county offices, departments, board, commissions, and agencies under the general control of the board of commissioners. Additionally, the mission is to see that orders, ordinances, resolutions, and regulations of the Board of Commissioners are faithfully executed and, to prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the Board.